HEALTH|My Watermelon Diet Experience 

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is not just about counting calories and losing calories, it’s also about taking care of your body and being cautious of what you put in it.

I’m not a big believer in diets because why start what you can’t finish right? But then again this isn’t a diet per se, it’s more of a cleanse just like a decision to take only liquids or eat only one thing for a little while.

I went to watermelon island for three days (Monday – Wednesday) this week. Watermelon Island is not a physical place, it’s a decision to eat only watermelon and nothing else to cleanse the body. So juice it, eat it raw, freeze it, roast the seeds and so on.

Watermelon fruit is mostly water(92%). It is a source of vitamin A, B, C, Magnesium, Potassium, Antioxidants and Amino acids. Eating watermelon daily has a lot of benefits which include; Strengthening the bones, Cleansing the Kidney, Helping with hydration among others.

A Watermelon Diet is a form of cleanse that focuses on the water component of the fruit. It helps the body hydrate, feel refreshed and get rid of unwanted toxins.

I ate a whole watermelon each day. I cut it into cubes including the rinds and I made two meal options out of this;

  • Diced seedless water melon
  • Watermelon smoothie(the fruit, rinds and seeds with a dash of freshly cut ginger)

The day started normal like every other day.
2pm:My first meal was a smoothie which went down fast.
3pm: I had a bowl of diced watermelon not long after because I got hungry really quick.
7pm: I felt light headed and ate some more watermelon.
8pm:I started craving anything and everything food and ate more watermelon.
When I had to use the bathroom though, it felt good. A pee was always longer than usual. It felt like every toxic liquid was leaving my insides. Also, my stomach was flat all day and I was in a happy place.

I made three visits to the bathroom to pee during the night which never happens.
7am: I woke up feeling refreshed and sated though I felt extremely light but not weak.
I was surprised I didn’t wake up starving considering I went to bed unsatisfied.
I struggled with my workout and I only focused on weights and squats because cardio wasn’t even a consideration.
2pm: I had my first watermelon meal; a smoothie. As usual, it went down fast. After a trip to the bathroom, I was hungry again😂.
4pm: I felt really weak and could barely function. I felt nauseous and I think my mind was messing with me.
5pm: In the evening, driving was such a chore but I got through it with yet another smoothie.
8pm: I ate a massive bowl of diced watermelon for dinner.
9pm: I had a smoothie because I felt like snacking on crackers so much. Then I consoled myself by catching up on TV shows.

6am: I woke up with a lot of energy for some reason before my alarm went off. I was able to workout later without it being difficult.
My energy levels were sky high and I was in a good place.
12pm: I took a dump. The first time since this diet.
2pm:I had my first watermelon meal. Prior to this, I didn’t feel weak or tired. I still felt light though and my stomach was the flattest it has ever been.
4pm: I was hungry already. I had been for about an hour so I had a bowl of diced watermelon.
8pm: I had a watermelon smoothie while updating my blog. Incase you haven’t noticed, I’ve made some changes I’m very happy with. I totally lost track of time and it was already 11pm. I took a glass of water and continued working till I slept.

Today, I feel great. I’m full of energy and very happy I went through with this to the end. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it but I’m glad I did. It just goes to further reconfirm to me that the only thing stopping you from doing anything is you.

Will you be going to watermelon island soon?

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

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