If We Were Having Tea #2

If we were having tea, I’d be wondering why you’re having tea with me and not hot chocolate then I’ll remember how you always just want to go with the flow and make me feel comfortable always.

If we were having tea, I’ll ask you why you had been checking on my siblings to ask after me without actually reaching out to me yourself. I’ll tell you how that would have been the best way to show you still care after all this time.

If we were having tea, I’ll tell you how proud I am of you and what you have accomplished so far. I’ll tell you how you inspire me everyday to keep chasing my dreams and never give up.

If we were having tea, you’ll tell me about an issue you currently have and ask for my advice because you think I give the best advises even though I say I don’t. I’ll tell how I think you should handle the situation and you will remind me to still consider being a life coach.

If we were having tea, I’ll order for another when the pot is empty because we would have a lot to catch up on and just one round wouldn’t do. I’ll listen to all your stories like I usually did and smile sheepishly watching you relay them with so much passion to me.


Mariam Shittu

9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Tea #2

  1. If we were having tea, I will watch and listen to u laugh which always makes me laugh harder when we are gisting about nothing and everything. And then I’ll wait for u to tell me everything is going to be okay by God’s grace💛

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