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Hi everyone, hope you had a great week. Last Friday, I stopped by at Sao Cafe to appreciate art. Sao & The Muse is an annual art exhibition which showcases vibrant art and artists in their element. I follow Nicole Asiniugo @2scoopsofnikki who is the curator of the exhibition on instagram and it was through her posts I knew about it.

Sao & The Muse 3 was slated for the 3rd – 5th of August, 2018 and I stumbled on a video last Thursday about a private viewing of the display on her page. I was blown away and shocked I didn’t know about the first two installations. I guess my creative juices and art appreciation weren’t awakened then. So I thought to stop by on the first day to see everything myself.

As I walked in, I loved everything immediately. There was a mini shop on the left with vendors selling sculptures, woven bags, purses and hats. Then a huge wall of a drawing with the bits of Lagos we could paint on. I decided to paint a little then I signed on the board with my website of course. I saw it as a way to cease the moment because everything to bring awareness to my brand is a plus.

To my right, was a life sized house created by the talented @popartii and @janemichaelekanem. Everything about the house was beautiful on the inside and the outside. I absolutely love that the house was yellow. Yellow is bright and depicts joy and happiness. I later found out it was a theme.


The next thing I spotted was the dopest car I’ve ever seen. The art work on it was exceptional and it was done by @osa_seven in collaboration with @chillingmotorsports. I remember @osa_seven did the Lagos At 50 art in Victoria Island and the J.Cole painting so of course his work has to be nothing but mind blowing. Besides the car, there was also a door and his customized mask.



Up next was the entrance of the cafe which was transformed by @theyellowoflagos. Everything was mostly yellow of course and I loved the little details. Who knew hand fans could be so beautiful???



Then I went into the cafe and there was art everywhere. They were also reasonably priced which was awesome. The art that caught my attention were that of @osa_seven. I still can’t believe he used newspaper as his board. He had a dope and unique collection of Benin artifact paintings. Spot one below;


Apparently my fast put together outfit was a show stopper because three different ladies asked to take photos of me because they loved my outfit. I also did an interview and a photographer took my photos and sent them to me as promised.

Being here was an awesome experience and I’m glad I now see art.

Art is pure.

Art is true.

Art is life.

Art is earth.

Art is me.

Art is you.

Outfit Details; Top: By me @mariamshittu_| SKIRT: Newlook | Shoes: Addidas|Purse: @vintageweare_

Thanks for reading.

What do you love most from the display at the exhibition I captured above???

Mariam Shittu

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