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Hi everyone, trust your week is going great. I read this amazing book GIRL CODE: Unlocking The Secrets To Success, Sanity & Happiness For The Female Entrepreneur recently and I think it deserves more than a review. So this is not a review but an insight into how helpful this book is. I like the author’s writing style so much and I felt like she was talking to me all the while I was reading it. It’s a great book for a female entrepreneur, an aspiring one or a go-getter who wants her life to be so much more than it already is.

Something I loved so much is that Cara interviewed 10 female entrepreneurs in the book after every chapter and asked them similar questions. Reading the different but similar answers from each woman just make you know that life is really what you make it. It’s filled with tons of insights and life lessons to get you on track. It’s definitely a book one will revisit over and over again.

As I was reading Girl Code, I was making notes and I’m sharing 30 out of the many things I learnt with the hope to inspire you to grab your copy too.

1.) By helping others you help yourself.

2.) Everything you can imagine is real.

3.) Be your own inspiration.

4.) Create things you wish existed.

5.) Take social media breaks.

5.) There is more than enough success, customers and happiness to go round.

6.) Hold on to what you believe, be confident and don’t attempt to do it all alone.

7.) Just because something doesn’t work out one way doesn’t mean it can’t work out another way.

8.) Create a powerful playlist for self-encouragement.

9.) When you face your fears, they aren’t as big in real life as they are in your head.

10.) You can piss someone off by just being yourself.

11.) When you put your work in public, you risk being copied.

11.) Copycats can only go where you have already been, they have no idea where you are going next.

13.) Insecurity competes, confidence empowers.

14.) Channel your authenticity, be the best version of yourself possible, and forget about the rest.

15.) The more confident you are, the more profitable your business will be.

16.) The environment you surround yourself in is crucial for your success.

17.) You will evolve, not everyone will get it. Evolve anyway.

18.) There is no better feeling than doing something for yourself.

18.) Figure out who you are separate from your family and partner.

18.) Life and business are undeniably intertwined.

19.) Treating yourself often is necessary for survival as a female entrepreneur (take yourself on a date, workout, yoga, meditation)

20.) No matter what you are doing or attempting to do, there will be people who will mock you, laugh at you, say you can’t, and you won’t. But they have no control over what you do or how successful you are unless you allow them to.

21.) Nobody has everything figured out.

22.) Instead of hating on another female, send her love.

23.) Just because someone has been in your life for a long time doesn’t mean they get a free pass to stay forever.

24.) Every single person you meet in your life makes up a personal journey.

25.) If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

26.) If you don’t step forward, you’ll be in the same place.

27.) As an entrepreneur, your success depends entirely on yourself.

28.) The ability to self promote when done right is the most powerful tool you have as an entrepreneur.

29.) The more you talk, the taller you will walk.

30.) There is magic around every corner, go find it.

Thanks for reading.

Is there anything on the list that speaks to you???

Mariam Shittu

10 thoughts on “BOOKS| 30 Things I learnt From Girl Code

  1. LOVE this author! This book is on my reading list. I just read her new book, Like She Owns The Place and it’s amazing! Have you read it?
    Number 9 stands out-my mind always makes things seem worse than they actually are-it’s a terrible thing I need to work on! Number 17-Because everyone should evolve every day! 18. Figuring out who you separate from everyone you know is so important, you can’t stay the same person you grew up as, or live how everyone wants you to.

    Also, Style Collective (the blogging group) is having Cara at their conference next month! 🙂 Are you a member of this group?

    1. Oh I haven’t read it but as I was reading Girl Code I googled her of course and saw her other books. The numbers you pointed out appeal to me too.
      Oh I’m not a member of the group. How do I join???
      Thanks a lot for stopping by😀

      1. Yes, she has a lot of books! I’m planning to read them all at some point. That’s good 🙂 You can join by going to the site Click on Learn More then Join Waitlist. Membership only opens at certain times-if you follow them on IG @stylecollective they always say when membership is open. Hope you’ll join and let me know if you do! <3

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