One Year, One Month & Two Weeks Sober

19th of August, 2017 was the last time I had a sip of alcohol. Prior to this day, I had made a mental decision to try not to have a drink and I was doing good but I broke that decision on this day. I was part of a wedding party and to get ready to dance-in with our partners on the train, we had to take a shot of was it whiskey? I don’t remember now, to pass through. I was the last to go through and no one was listening to my plight so what the hell? I wasn’t trying to make a scene so I took the shot. That was the only time I drank at the wedding and I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since then.

I was never an addict or alcohol abuser, I was more of a social drinker. I also shared a glass of baileys every now and then with my Mum at home but I never overdid it. There was a phase in my life I drank alcohol to sleep when i had insomnia though but that was several years ago.

The reason I decided to embark on this journey is similar to why I started blogging, to discover myself. I wanted to see what living without alcohol felt like. I wanted to have fun without alcohol, dance without being intoxicated and have a fun evening without a drop of liquor. A lot of people don’t know how to be, live or have fun without alcohol and I fit into that category at the time. I would say things like “I’m not dancing because I haven’t had a drink”. I also don’t have health issues that required me to stop drinking. I live a healthy lifestyle and thought to finally go all out healthy.

Is it hard? Yes sometimes it is. When you have to explain that you don’t drink and it’s not a religious reason. Or when you are begged to have just one glass or one sip and you have to repeat yourself over and over again. Or when you’re really down and having a bad day and a drinker you would have fixed a drink to feel better.

Do I miss it? Sometimes. I miss being able to have a shot of cognac, mimosa at brunch, a corona and lime or a glass of champagne at an event. Soda water and lemon is not readily available everywhere so I settle for fresh juice, cranberry juice or just water.

Will people get it? Not everyone does but I don’t worry about that. I did this for me(still doing it) for me and no one else. I can confidently say, oh I had a great time and remember every single moment of the night, wake up without a hangover and go about my day.

Will I ever drink again? Yes! The plan was not to drink for a year but a year has passed and I still haven’t. I believe a time will come when I’ll have a beer, a cider, or be offered a glass of champagne at a party and I will accept it and take a sip. I just don’t know when that is.

Before I go, I’ll just like to say my sober journey simply shows that we can do whatever and achieve whatever we set our minds to. The only thing stopping you form taking that bold step is you.

Do you believe you can’t have fun without alcohol? Do you have any questions you want to ask about my journey? I’ll be waiting in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

5 thoughts on “One Year, One Month & Two Weeks Sober

  1. “19th of August, 2017”- not to go off topic but that was the day I posted my very first post on here lol
    Alcohol is not needed to have fun by any means. You can have fun with or with out it but alot of people depend on it

  2. Yes, you can have fun without alcohol. I have never been drunk or buzzed. Unless it’s fruity, I do not like the taste at all. And if fruity, give me half the alcohol or the drink loses the good taste. Most of my friends & family don’t even care if a party is “dry.” We are all about the dancing and remembering the good memories. Party on!

    1. Wow this is good to know. You liking fruity tasting alcohol reminds me of my sister in law. If it’s not very sweet, she can’t drink it.
      Thanks for sharing.

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