Everything Good Will Come

Everything good will come
Will it?
See I’ve been waiting for everything good
since I was a little kid
cos everything happening to me was no good
struggling through life,
getting disappointed every time,
waiting for the good
though I knew waiting was no-good
I share my problems with someone
and they say be patient girl, everything good will come

When will it though?
I’ve been patient
Going through every hurdle
Coming out of every puddle
Counting them as blessings
Trying not to show the stresses
My Mum says a prayer for me
then she says don’t worry my child
everything good will come

Why can’t it be now though?
I want to be celebrated
I want to be appreciated
I want to feel the good
in the core of my vein
in the back of my spine
in the whole of my existence
transcending in my aura
feeling like cleopatra
but that’s not happening
and I’m here still hoping everything good will come

Everything good will come
Maybe when I’m no longer here
Maybe when I’m old and grey
Maybe when I’m not able to see it
Enjoy it,
feel it and live it
Maybe when I’m back with my maker
Or maybe everything good has indeed come
and I just fail to see it

But now I realize
Everything good will come
is a phrase that is said with faith
to make you hope
for a better tomorrow
to keep you going
when you’re down in sorrows
to keep you on check
to keep you sane
to keep you alive
to keep you here
So girl, be patient
everything good will come

Mariam Shittu

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