POEM| Because You Love Me

wake me up with breakfast in bed
because you want to feed me

send me roses at work
because you know I love them

buy me a dress
because you think it’ll fit perfectly

book me a spa day
because you think I need it

buy us front row tickets to a concert
because you know the artist is my favorite

call me during the day
because you want to hear my voice

give me a foot rub
because I had a long day

pick up the groceries
because you want to take the burden off me

Do all of this and more
because you love me

Mariam Shittu 

Have a loving weekend😉

10 thoughts on “POEM| Because You Love Me

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  1. Lovely. I read it out to hubby cos I was thinking he would take cue, but he goes like… errm you used to be able to write stuff like this na, how come you can’t anymore?where did all your inspiration go? Lol.

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  2. I have carefully read a lot of your posts, each one, more than once… to write through the journey of life and capture the mind of every reader with you is a quality I admire; every one would have something to relate to! I see a growth pattern and I’m of the conviction that it’s infinite.
    All the best in your journey, can’t wait to read a compilation!

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