Switch Up: Restyling My Burgundy Co-ord Set

Do you have a co-ord set that you have worn several times or maybe just once and didn’t know how to restyle? Then you are in luck because I’m showing and telling you about how I restyled my co-ord set. I love co-ords. I mean, who doesn’t? You get two pieces that can be worn together or separately for the price of one.

Restyling My Burgundy Co-ord Set

There are different types of co-ordinates and I bought a few of the skirt and top combos over the years but I have done away with most of the blouses but kept the skirts. I purchased my burgundy co-ord set from my favourite store to shop two years ago. I hadn’t been interested in wearing it lately because I didn’t want to show skin so I only admired it in my closet.

A thought came to my mind to style it with a bit of layering last weekend and it worked. I took a white shirt from my brother’s closet and wore it under the top and voila! As the shirt was clearly not my size, I folded the sleeves until it fit my arms. I think the colours complemented each other perfectly and brought some brightness to the entire outfit.

I chose to wear gold sandals and a gold purse to give the outfit just the right edge it needed. I also accessorized with a gold wristwatch, gold bracelets, rings, and pearl earrings. I couldn’t think of anywhere else more befitting to photograph the look than the street.

Restyling My Burgundy Co-ord Set

Restyling My Burgundy Co-ord Set

What do you think of the look?

Co-ord: Boohoo
Shirt: My Brother’s Closet
Sandals: Steve Madden
Purse: Gucci 

Mariam Shittu 

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  1. Colours matched pretty well even how it is on your body…not every style suits everyone so it is important to understand your body shape so that you can understand outfits that would look pretty on you so as for you, you completely understand and it would be great if you can provide some more detailed tips about this topic… Have a nice day.

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