Co-ords Are A Forever Fave

Just because it’s been a while I shared a style post, I decided to write one today.  I haven’t stopped loving fashion or dressing up, I only needed a break. I honestly don’t know how models handle hair, makeup and outfit changes all the time without getting tired. I’m sure they probably do but because it’s their job, they have to stick through it. I’m glad I can take breaks cos mehn it’s not an easy task.

I don’t need to gush about my love for co-ordinates again because I wrote it in my Switch Up: Restyling My Burgundy Co-ord Set post. In today’s post, I’m featuring two co-ord sets tailored in Nigeria that I purchased and wore at different times (why buy one when you can buy two).

I love how The Nigerian Fashion Industry has grown over the years and one doesn’t need to shop outside the country for quality pieces any longer. There are so many Fashion Designers making waves every day locally and internationally and I try to support made in Nigeria clothes as much as my purse can allow.

If you don’t own a co-ord set by now, what is wrong with you? It is a perfect addition to your wardrobe because you don’t just get two different pieces, you get two pieces that can be worn together and separately. Isn’t that just great?

I wore the first set to the beach. It’s a jacket and a pair of shorts.

I wore the second set out and about. It’s a jacket and matching pants.

I love them both and can’t wait to pair them separately.

You know I had to ask, which print do you prefer?  

Co-ords: @iderasignatures
Black cami: Primark
Orange cami: Newlook
Sunglasses: @allthingschic
Purse: Gucci
Sandals: Steve Madden

Mariam Shittu

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