SHORT STORY: Friends Forever

Things have not been the same since my Mom and yours had a huge fight.

My Mom was furious on Saturday and she yelled at me that I must not be seen anywhere with you again. I was confused and sad because it was totally unfair. I had been a good girl and I didn’t get into any trouble. I wondered what I did wrong and how she expected me to achieve this when she was the one that made us know of each other’s existence.

I tried to make her see why it will be hard to do but she didn’t listen. I wanted to call you to ask if your Mom told you anything but I couldn’t because she stuck to me like glue all weekend. I silently prayed that she didn’t tell you not to be friends with me too but I realized I my prayers were not answered when you walked by me in school on Monday and said nothing, leaving my hands hanging.

The smile vanished from my face and it was replaced with a frown. It was the first time in two years that we didn’t take a ride to school together and you totally ignored me like I was nobody. The journey to school already felt weird and I was looking forward to telling you everything that happened this weekend.

The tears welled up and I ran to the bathroom to cry because the last thing I wanted was attention. I couldn’t understand why our Mothers friendship had to ruin ours. I thought about doing so many things to make this right but running away seemed like the best solution. I cooked up a plan in my head and felt a bit better and ready to start my day.

Some moments later, I heard the bathroom door and you called out my name. You apologized for ignoring me and told me we were still best friends. You had only done that for a show because your Mom was watching. We hugged and everything was okay with the world again. To make things go back to the way they were, we had to figure out what caused our Moms argument before trying to resolve it.

We made several plans that day amongst which is to remain friends forever whether our Mothers made up or not. We may not be seen everywhere together or ride to school together but we will still have each other’s backs no matter what.

Mariam Shittu ©

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