POEM| The Little Things You Do

The way you hold my hands
And the way you hug me tight

The way you touch my face
And the way you kiss me all over

The way you tease me
And the way you make me laugh

The way you read my mind
And the way you keep a smile on my face

The way your eyes light up when I walk into a room
And the way you show me off to the world

The way you say my name when you’re inside me
And the way you hold me close when you come out

The glances you steal when you think I’m not looking
And the many times you’ve thanked me for taking a chance on us

The way you make time when you’re extremely busy
And the way you’re always there whenever I need you

The compliments you give me even when I know I look a mess
And the way you make me feel loved even when you’re nowhere near

These are the little things you do
that keep my mind on you

Mariam Shittu

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