POEM| I Know About Suffering

I know about suffering
because I’ve been there

It comes with a lot of tears
and sleepless nights

It brings trouble in its wake

and danger in its corner

It makes you reflect on the past
with no regard for the present

It turns you to someone you don’t know
or wish you never met

It makes you feel uninterested
and incapable of living

I know about suffering
and I also know that it ends

Mariam Shittu

6 thoughts on “POEM| I Know About Suffering

  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting! What has helped my family and i is avoiding jumping to the rash conclusion that God somehow wants us to suffer or that he is personally testing us. It is true that suffering can bring out the best in us and that the Bible says that the trials God allows can refine our faith.
    ” Testing refines and strengthens faith, making it “of much greater value than gold.” 1 Peter 1:7​

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