So You Think You’re Grown?

If someone told you to grow up, will you be offended?

Having a growth mindset is the key to success in every endeavor we find ourselves. Yes, growth takes time and it’s a life long process but as long as we’re open to it, it’s achievable. Something happened to me today that made me realize how much I’ve grown and that’s what inspired this post. Below, I shared a few life experiences that reflect growth. This list is not exhaustive but I believe if you embrace them, you definitely embrace growth.

Growth is asking for help when you need it instead of struggling with difficulty for hours on end.
Growth is truly listening to understand and contribute not just to reply or to pretend to be there.
Growth is appreciating everything you have in your life right now every day, while you work to achieve more.
Growth is surrendering to the fact that life is unfair. You win some, you lose some but you have to keep going.

Growth is making peace with imperfection. Perfection is a myth. Nothing is perfect and no one is perfect.
Growth is acknowledging your mistakes instead of defending them, learning from them and working to become a better person.
Growth is choosing to speak the truth. When it’s difficult, when it hurts, and also when it’s not what the other party wants to hear.
Growth is accepting that there will always be someone who is smarter than you, taller than you, funnier than you, cleaner than you, nicer than you, and that is OKAY.

Growth is letting things go.
Growth is overcoming your fears and taking actions.
Growth is adulting. Taking responsibility, being financially independent and accountable for all your actions.
Growth is loving yourself, embracing your flaws, valuing your worth, and enjoying your own company.

Growth is choosing to be kind to everyone that crosses your path including people you do not know. It costs nothing to be kind.
Growth is choosing to stay away from friendships that drain you and being fine with the change in people you surround yourself with.
Growth is when you walk past someone that broke your heart in the past but you smile, say hi and genuinely wish them well because you realized they didn’t know better and weren’t meant to be in your future.
Growth is you reminding yourself that when you die, your ‘”in basket” won’t be empty. You can never get everything done because as you complete one thing, another thing springs up. Do your best and pace yourself because tomorrow is another day.

So tell me, do you think you’re grown?

Mariam Shittu

9 thoughts on “So You Think You’re Grown?

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  1. I struggle with asking for help and letting things go. I just always feel like if I try again the umpteenth time, I will get it right. I’m also that friend that reminds you of something you did to me that I have not forgotten one year later. So to answer your question, no. I’m still working on myself. Hahaha

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    1. It’s always a good thing to be honest with self. I like to do things myself too but I’ve been learning to let people do things for me and ask for help when I need it. It was strange initially but it’s happening. This means that you can do this too. Girl, leave pettiness behind in 2020. It brings you peace. LOL.


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