The Power of Voice Notes & Six Reasons I Like Them

About two years ago, one of my closest friends and I started sending voice notes to each other every day. We thought it would be a great way to keep in touch because we live several miles apart and don’t get to talk or see each other often. It took some getting used to but once we got the hang of it, there was no stopping us.

Guess what? We were right. It has brought us so much closer, and distance got nothing on us (even though it never did). We both agree that it’s a better form of communication for us than texting. It feels like we live in the same city and I’m up to date with everything going on in her life, and she mine. We also have some vent sessions that make us feel really good after. With the time zone difference and our busy schedules, we still find time to talk to each other every day, and it’s because we send voice notes.

I’ve never been a fan of texting. I can send a message or two here and there, but you won’t catch me texting for hours. It’s exhausting. Sometimes, I stop texting abruptly and call the person I’m chatting with so that we can say everything we need to and end the conversation. If I’m trying to do a quick check in or get a message across quicker, I find myself sending voice notes to my family or other friends too and not just that one friend.

It’s important to know where to draw the line, though. Please, don’t just send a voice note to anyone because it may be a lot (intrusive) for people who only need a message from you and nothing more. We need to respect other people’s spaces, choices and preferences. For example, I’d be irked if a colleague randomly sends me a voice note, but if it’s from a “friend” or someone I communicate with frequently, then it’s cool.

If you don’t send voice notes or have never considered it as a mode of communication, maybe I will change your mind today. Here are the reasons you should come over to the voice notes side of communicating;

1. It’s quicker. You get to say a lot in a minute than you can in a text or message. All the time you would have used to type twenty words while editing in between, you’d have used that time to say fifty words or even more.

2. Your message is clear and not misinterpreted. Words may be misconstrued when they’re being read in a text message, but when you’re listening to someone speak, the chances of this happening are slim.

3. It’s easier. Honestly, it’s more straightforward too.

4. You can do other things while recording a voice note. You can take a shower, cook, write, etc., while recording a voice note. You don’t need to hold the phone and keep moving your fingers back and forth.

5. You can feel the emotions and energy in the message. When listening to a recorded voice note, you feel the person’s energy and emotional state of mind. You don’t have to wonder if the person is good, sad, irritated or angry.

6. It also makes you feel closer or more connected to the person you’re communicating with.

Try it today. Instead of sending a “how you doing” text, send a voice note. You may just love it, and start communicating this way with your loved ones too. Incase you’re wondering how to record a voice note, look out for the mic icon in your chat on WhatsApp and voice memo icon on iMessage. You can also send voice notes on Twitter, Instagram and other apps. Let me know how it goes.

Mariam Shittu


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