A Prayer For Healing

We ask for healing from tears we cry that none know about.
For shame we have carried, whether ours or not.
For false accusations and allegations that have. brought pain and disarray to our lives.
For painful memories brought about by loved ones and strangers.

We ask for clear minds and truly happy hearts.
For forgiving hearts.
For hearts filled with joy.
For hearts filled with light.

We ask for healing from pain that shackles and prevents true happiness.
From pain that blocks the ability to give and receive love.
From pain that can never be expressed in words, but wreak havoc in feelings.
From pain that limits one’s existence.

We ask for true freedom and liberation.
For the strength to fight battles sent our way with beautiful patience.
For the strength to never to lose faith.
For hearts resistant to long term pain because of the trust they harbour for sufficiency and mercy.

We ask for healing for those who have lost their trust in the Creator due to painful experiences, and ask that they are guided back to the right path.


Mariam Shittu


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