STYLE|One Dress: All Occasions 

Hi everyone, welcome to this week’s personal style post. One Dress: All Occasions is the only way I could describe my favourite dress in the world.

I’ve had this beauty for a long time(2010). I noticed it started fading last year but that’s not stopping me and it will probably still be in my closet for another year or two. I’ve never worn it out without getting compliments.

I wouldn’t consider myself a hoarder because I give my old clothes away from time to time but I have some that I keep and still wear. I’m able to do that because I’ve pretty much been the same size since I can remember. I always mix up a variety of old and new stuff all the time and it works for me.

Now back to this dress, I adore it simply because;

  • It’s easy to wear
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It doesn’t need too much ironing
  • It’s suitable for any occasion
  • It makes a statement
  • It’s very flattering

I’ve worn it to work several times. I’ve also worn it to a wedding, birthday party, Sunday brunch with friends, a dinner date and a corporate event. It can also be worn to church, a bridal or baby shower, graduation and so on.

I got a similar dress in black two years ago but it just wasn’t comparable. My colleague at the time liked it so much so I gave her. I hope I would get to replace it in all its glory pretty soon before I can’t wear it again. I pray a silent prayer that this dress is made again so I can grab two of it quickly😂.

I’m sure you have that one piece you can’t let go of. It could be a sweater, shirt, night wear, skirt or even a pair of socks😂.
Outfit Details;

Dress ~ Dorothy Perkins

Shoes ~ Christian Loubiton

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Mariam Shittu

16 thoughts on “STYLE|One Dress: All Occasions 

  1. This dress is really gorgeous and you look amazing in it. Have you ever thought of making something similar? Ask your tailor to.

  2. Looking gorgeous, and I love the dress, if I knew your home address. Definitely you would have seen me at your doorstep to fetch the dress. And the color is perfect. Lovely post dear you look wow.

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