FITNESS|Accessories To Help You Enjoy Working Out – My Workout Buddies

The first step to being fit is to desire it for yourself. If you are trying to get in shape for someone else, you are bound to relapse. It’s a personal journey you have to be willing to embark on because you want to be a better version of yourself.

My fitness journey is over the place sometimes and steady other times. It’s been steady lately though and the thing about keeping fit is that once you see results, it becomes an addiction and I’m currently addicted.

I have some buddies that make my workouts more fun and enjoyable so I’m writing about them in this post.

My Workout Buddies
1. Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Earphones
2. Shocksock Reflective Arm Band
3. Fitbit
4. Gym Gloves
5. Water Bottle

Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Earphones

Music is food to my soul and my workouts are more enjoyable when I have these earphones stuck in my ears. Most times, hearing an uptempo song makes me do more than I would ordinarily, meaning big gains for me😬. These earphones lock in the ears so you don’t have to worry about them falling off when jumping around. Also, I get to hear updates about my activity while on the go. I always have them with me when I’m up to something and I love it’s cute case.

Shocksock Reflective Arm Band 

How do I listen to music, use my workout apps efficiently and maybe take a photo or two without my phone close by? This is where my second buddy comes in. I use it when I’m running or walking. I simply insert my phone into the pocket, wrap it around my arm or wrist and strap it.


My fitbit is basically my wristwatch hehe but besides that I upgraded to a Surge(orange) recently from ChargeHR(purple) and my new Fitbit is super cool because I can program any workout activity(even yoga) on it without using the Fitbit app on my phone. So my Surge serves as a wristwatch on days the colour is not too off with my outfit and my Charge HR serves as a bracelet on days I want to wear a regular wristwatch. I have either one on every time I workout.

Gym Gloves

I started lifting heavier weights two months ago because I took a step further in my fitness journey and I use these gloves for a better grip and protection. I can admit deadlift is not an easy task at all. However, it’s totally worth it because I’ve been seeing bigger gains!!!

Water Bottle
Do I even need to talk about why my water bottle is on this list? 😂. I like this bottle because it’s the perfect size. It’s not too big neither is it small. It works well when I need to fix myself a protein shake to go or have some water with me while on a run. The other cool thing about this bottle is that it came with our home elliptical machine so it was basically free.
My workout buddies are a major part of my workout lifestyle. Do you have a buddy that has to be handy when you are working out? I’d like to know.

Remember, exercise because you love your body not because you hate it.

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

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