POEM| Never Ever Give Up

When you feel small
When you feel frustrated
When you feel like a fraud
When you feel like a loser

When life gets hard
When all hope seems lost
When you feel forgotten
When you lose someone you love

When it seems impossible
When you can’t seem to get anything right
When your work is going unnoticed
When nothing good is coming your way

When you’re tired
When it feels like nobody cares
When it feels like you are insignificant
When it feels like life isn’t worth it

Never ever give up.

Mariam Shittu

Never Ever Give Up

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6 thoughts on “POEM| Never Ever Give Up

  1. Thank you for being inspiring, its so easy to actually just feel tired and give up.

    I remember losing weight and my road test, i wanted to give up so many times but God really held my hand and kept reminding me to stay on course

    This post is beautiful and i know you will be recognized very soon. Dont GIVE up as well.

  2. Giving up is resulting to failure so people must know it’s always harder before it’s easier, so whatever situation you may be in just know you are greater than that you are destined to be a conquer.

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