Places in Lagos| Atmosphere Rooftop

Atmosphere Rooftop is a contemporary restaurant and bar located at Lennox Mall on Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. It is relatively new and is now considered one of the top hangout spots in Lekki giving The Harvest a run for its money. It has I like that you can go shopping then head to the restaurant to relax and grab a bite to eat afterward. I visited on Saturday with my sister-in-law, Deola to do a restaurant review though I had been there twice before.


Atmosphere has fast become the photo center since its opening because of its beautiful ambiance, decor and carpet grass walls. People visit the restaurant particularly for photography amongst other things and it’s a popular backdrop in Instagram photos. It has both indoor and outdoor sitting areas perfect for lunch, hanging out with the girls, birthday parties, or pregame nights. It serves as the perfect event space for celebrations.


Atmosphere offers a variety of cuisines from Continental to Traditional so there are a number of Nigerian meals on the menu like; Abula, Seafood Okro, Egusi Soup, and Afang soup that you normally wouldn’t find in restaurants like this. They also have cheesecake popsicles. I don’t know any other restaurant that does that.



On my previous visits, I tried the Abula and Grilled Fish meal options and they were both really tasty so it was hard for me to chose something new. We ordered Chicken Wings for starter because you can never go wrong with that. Deola asked for The Grilled Fish and sweet potato fries meal because of how much I raved about it when I had it. I ordered Chicken Suya and three side dishes; yam chips, plantain, and sweet potato fries. I really wanted to order Abula again but I wanted my review to be original and not biased.

chicken wings and sweet potato fries
Grilled fish and sweet potato fries 

The Chicken Wings were nicely sauced and tender but the chicken was boiled not grilled or fried. Our sweet potatoes fries were not freshly fried but refried and as soon I saw them, I complained. Of course, the fish was still as amazing as I described it because Deola made sure she finished the whole thing. She proceeded to ask for the recipe of the sauce.

chicken suya, yam chips, and plantain

I ate only the plantain and our waiter packed the yam chips and chicken suya to go in a pretty customized to-go bag that made it uber obvious they pay attention to detail.

Abula- from my previous visit

– The grilled fish is a winner. I have ordered it again during this week and this time around my sweet potato fries were fresh so I forgive them. It’s a pretty space and I love that we couldn’t really hear other people’s conversations. The only thing I don’t like is the location because you have to come out of Phase 1 and get back in to go back home.
Mariam – I love the variety on the menu. I really love the space; the decor and the size. I look forward to the December parties that I’m certain will be hosted there, and hanging out with my sisters there.

Places in Lagos| Atmosphere Rooftop

We love Atmosphere Rooftop and we recommend it. 

Mariam Shittu

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