Blogiversary: Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging

I’ve been writing/blogging for five years!!!

Five whole years! Wow, that’s a long time. I started this blog without prior writing experience, only a leap of faith and desire to share. Since then, a lot has happened, and I’m thankful for the journey. I had no idea what I was doing on the 7th of March 2017 when I started blogging. I didn’t know the direction I wanted the blog to take and if it was an activity that would last. I started, though, and I never looked back.

A feeling that’s always constant through my whirlwind of emotions is joy from writing. It’s never felt like a chore or a bore. Sometimes I stress when I haven’t published a post in a week, but once I do, I get fulfilled. I’ve also never regretted this journey because it’s exposed me to so much knowledge, relationships, opportunities and growth.

Last year, I didn’t write a blogversary post because a part of me wasn’t feeling accomplished. I felt like I had dedicated four years of my life to the blog, and it wasn’t where I wanted it to be. So, on this day last year, I only shared an Instagram story post in celebration. I’m glad I don’t feel that way this year. Instead, I’ve learnt to celebrate everything no matter how little it seems because it’s an achievement, and it’s my right to appreciate my growth and progress.

5 years and 630 posts later…

Top 5 Posts on

Over the years, some blog posts have stood out, and I’d like to recognize the success of these posts and their impact on the blog’s success. So, in no particular order, see them below.

  • Places in Lagos| Koi Restaurant & Lounge: I went to Koi with my family for the first time in December 2020, and I blogged about my experience in January 2021. I’ve been there a couple of times since then, and it’s always good vibes, hands down. It’s 2022, and there are a lot of new kids on the block, but people still want to go Koi.
  • Short Poems About Determination: I write many short poems, mainly on Instagram, and before, I used to categorize them into posts on the blog. I did this in November 2018. There are five poems in this collection, and I still read them when I need that encouragement or motivation to keep things pushing. It’s a super-powerful post, and I see why it’s on the top 5 list.
  • 10 Signs You’re Sprung: My state of mind birthed this post in April 2021. Writing was the only way I could explain what I was feeling at the time. It turns out that many people feel this way because it’s highly searched, and Google sends people to the blog for some information.
  • 20 Things I’ve Never Done But Will Like To Do: I was feeling adventurous on the 19th of December, 2018, when I shared this post. I’m shy to say that there are still some things on this list I haven’t done YET. Yet, because I’m still going to do everything. I want to look at the post one day and see an update for every item. I know I can, and I will!!!
  • Life As A Single & Over 30-Year-old​ Nigerian Woman: I had a lot of fun working on this post in 2019. I remember reaching out to my friends both home and abroad with a list of questions for them to answer. Everyone was honest and the post resonated (and still does) with a lot of women all over the world.

All of this will not have been possible without you, my readers. Thanks for reading, liking, sharing and commenting on my posts. To my WordPress family, thanks for the encouragement and kind words from day1. I’m grateful!

Cheers to many more blog achievements and milestones🥂

Mariam Shittu

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  1. Congratulations on being five years old 💃🏿🥁🎺. That’s a big deal. When I started seven years ago, I didn’t know much of what I was doing either. I wrote before then but it was mainly poetry and I transitioned to sharing my faith as well as poetry from time to time. I enjoy your posts. Thank you for being apart of this writing/blogger space. Keep on soaring. Many more years of celebration 🎈🥁🥳🎺

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