POEM|Aye Aye Sister!

Sister, sister

The only friend I had 
Before I understood what a friend was

Who taught me everything she knew
And everything she didn’t know

My role model
My fashion icon
My entertainer
My cheerleader

 She always has my back
When I’m right or wrong

She knows what I’m thinking 
Before I even say it

She knows how to make me feel good
When I’m feeling down

My confidant
My companion 
My accomplice 
My stylist 

The one who tolerates my mood swings when I’m being distant 

The one who keeps my secrets safe without even asking

The one who knows what I need just at the right time

The one who understands me better than everyone else

We may drift apart but you’re always near

We may fight but we always find our way back to each other 

In you, I found a best friend
In you, I found a twin
In you, I found a soulmate 

My sister, my everything 

Sister, sister

Written by Mariam Shittu

This post is dedicated to my three lovely sisters. They are a huge part of my life.

Love you S,L & my baby Lateefah

18 thoughts on “POEM|Aye Aye Sister!

  1. Sister no doubt is a priceless blessing. It is very hard to apart when one of them gets married and leaves home. Such a situation is happening in my case these days. God knows what I’m going to do without her!

  2. I only have one sister and she is the best, imagine having 3😊.
    You all look amazing, na 2 come marry from your family oo😍😍😚

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